Thursday, April 8, 2010

The work to prepare material of kokeshi. 'Paring of giant dogwood'

The kokeshi doll is made of wood of nature.
The tree is important for us.
I will introduce the first important work that the tree is made a kokeshi doll.

The work to prepare material of kokeshi. 'Paring of giant dogwood'As the material of the kokeshi doll, the giant dogwood is the most general tree.

The skin will be peeled off and the giant dogwood deforested in winter is dried during about 1-2 year.

The man in the family works by all members because it is hard work.

When the skin can be peeled off, it carries to the yard of materials, it sets up inverted, and 1-2 year is dried.

Work to carry the tree from which the skin is peeled off is serious. Anyway, there are as much as 200kg and trees with weight, too.

It is dried spending time thus, and the material of the kokeshi doll is completed.
It is terrible heavy labor that prepares the material.

However, such a work that is not seen eyes is very important.
If it can know after a beautiful kokeshi doll, there is work that it takes such time and trouble, I think that I am glad.

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