Friday, April 9, 2010

"Kidori" thew work for material wood to lumber

There is important work "Kidori"  before the kokeshi doll completes after the dryness of the material ends.

We say, "Kidori" from the tree in the state of the log work to cut out the tree to the size of the work to be made. This greatly controls the quality of the finishing work on kokeshi. It is said that it will account for 80 percent of the working line by the paring, drying, and removing the tree.

At first, we cuts it in the length to be used.
A dry tree is very hard, and doesn't cut easily.Σ(゚ロ゚ノ)ノ

Then, dividing with a hatchet.

To do work of the potter's wheel ..doing later.. smoothly, four corners is cut down as much as possible.
This is completion of "Kidori".
A strong creative impulse boils when a good material is obtained.
However, there is often what the tree blackens, and is feeding on by the insect, too. It does over again at that time.

It is impossible that the tree judges whether contents are good or bad even if it sees from the surface.

Therefore, it is "Do not understand if it doesn't cut it" the world.

It is not because the material wanting it is obtained even if a lot of money is put out.

Might do over again many times at times, and a good material be prepared.

Next time, the potter's wheel work starts!

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