Monday, April 12, 2010

The potter's wheel to plane tree

We use a lot of tools to make the wood carving doll. It speaks to "Potter's wheel" in that.

・Two person sawing potter's wheel
The potter's wheel made first was the manual one.
One person turns with the string in the one working by two people, one person works, and the potter's wheel works.

Physical strength is very consumed to this tool.
In the oral instruction, it was usual that the wife turned, and the husband worked.

・Potter's wheel turned by foot

The standstill potter's wheel was invented at the Meiji era.
It is a mechanism that the potter's wheel turns in alternately stepping on the pedal with the shank's mare.
In a word, it came to be able to work alone by turning alone.

・Motor potter's wheel

The standstill potter's wheel was an epoch-making machine. However, the potter's wheel using the motor appeared by inventing electricity. As a result, the standstill potter's wheel was hardly used after that.

We used the motor potter's wheel, the labor of work was reduced greatly, and production became it a lot more, too.

However, it is also true to complete the kokeshi doll of very warm atmosphere by making the kokeshi doll from the potter's wheel that the person turns.

I write the appearance of work by the arrangement potter's wheel in the next article.

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