Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Welcome to KOKESHI world!

Nice to meet you ☆ My name is Hideyuki Sato.
I live in Japan, Fukushima Prefecture, and work to make "Kokeshi doll".

"Kokeshi doll" is a tradition doll that appeared in Japan about 200 years ago.

The tree of nature is roundly processed with the potter's wheel for woodwork, and the expression and the pattern are drawn with the brush.
The way of making is very simple.

If it is the people in Japan, it knows without fail, most homes keep being decorated, and it being loved.
"Kokeshi doll" is a doll that has expressed a Japanese mind.

I want everybody in the world to learn Japan through happiness of such "Kokeshi doll".
Thank you.


  1. could you please tell me what type is paint is mostly used in painting these dolls and what are the tools called which are used in the process?

  2. Beautiful Kokeshi, do you sell internationally as well?